Cat & Tae Horoscope Candles

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Cat & Tae is a female-owned, Canadian made, soy wax candle brand. All candles are made with the highest quality ingredients & with the environment in mind. The Horoscope Collection features all 12 astrological sign. All candles are handcrafted in Vancouver and come with a seeded dust cover. The perfect way to repurpose your vessel. Just plant in soil & watch as wild flowers grow!

Burn time: 50 hours
Size: 9oz

-Aquarius Rare, Rebellious, Bold - coconut, sandalwood, citrus 

-Taurus Resilient, Fancy, Fierce -  yuzu, passionfruit, lime

-Aries Daring, Ambitious, Unique -  lime, basil, moss

-Cancer Dreamy, Charming, Intuitive - Orange, Vanilla, Cream

-Pisces Alluring, Creative, Wise -  Citrus, Floral, Musk

-Sagittarius Fearless, Fiery, Wild - marshmallow, musk, amber

-Capricorn Beautiful, Brilliant, Driven -  tobacco, caramel, musk

-Virgo Elegant, Effortless, Humble - tonka, jasmine, sandalwood

-Leo Dazzling, Determined, Strong - Watermelon, Sugar, Lemon

-Libra Classy, Gracious, Kind - Pumpkin, Sugar, Cream

-Gemini Curious, Clever, Free - plumeria, jasmine, lime

-Scorpio Powerful, Passionate, Brave - Cocoa, Vanilla, Jasmine

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